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Great Western Art Gallery in connection with Fine Art Liquidation provides appraisal service for our collectors. We can provide a written appraisal of the current retail replacement value for insurance purposes at $100.00 for Limited Edition Prints and $150.00 for Original Paintings, Sculpture and Blown Glass. We are a member of the American Society of Appraisers. If you are wanting to sell an estate or a personal collection, please call the gallery at 303-396-2787 for special pricing.

Fine Art Liquidation will receive 25% of the retail price upon the sale of artwork as a commission. If your artwork needs cleaning, frame repair, new archival mats or foam core and glass, we will do this re-conditioning to enhance the sale of your artwork.

Gallery Storage Fees:

To store artwork at the gallery during your consignment period you will be charged a Gallery Storage Fee for each piece of artwork stored at the gallery.
$50 - One through three
$45 - Four through nine
$40 - Ten or more
Extra large paintings or prints (greater than 40x30 frame size) will be charged an additional $75 per item during the consignment period.

Once your artwork is inventoried and photographed you can pick-up your artwork to take home.

After receiving a call to pick-up your artwork, then you will have one week to get it. After that period a $10.00 per month charge for gallery storage will apply.

Fine Art Liquidation Appraisal Submission Form

Single and multiple submissions can be placed using this form.
Complete all appropriate fields and click "Submit Button"
Follow link back to "Appraisal Form" for additional appraisals.

*To Fax (303-396-0279) or Mail Appraisal Submissions*
Mail to: Great Western Art Gallery, LLC 1455 Curtis Street Denver, CO 80202

Click Here for Printable Form

Customer Contact Information:

Telephone Number:
Email Address:

Please appraise the following artwork:

Edition Number (if applicable):
Date of work (if known):
Is the Piece? Framed Unframed
Do you have a Certificate of Authenticity or Bill of Sale? Yes No
Purchased Retail Value (if known):
Date of Last Appraisal:
Last Appraised Value:
Are you interested in Selling Artwork? Yes No
Is this for Insurance coverage? Yes No

Upload up to three photos in .gif, .jpg, or .jpeg formats. Please send as 72 dpi resolution and 500 pixels on the longest side.
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Other details of artwork such as:
(alias names, information written on the back of the canvas, or special technique used)
Include as much information as possible.

Appraisal and Consignment Fee Schedule:
As a part of the consignment fee we will inspect the artwork's framing materials and replace old or non-conservation materials to bring the artwork up to quality standards for sale.

$75 for Limited Edition Prints Appraisal
$100 for Limited Edition Appraisal and 12 Month Consignment Listing
$125 for Original Painting and Sculpture Appraisal
$150 for Original Painting and Sculpture Appraisal and 12 Month Consignment Listing

Minimum Appraisal Value of Artwork:
The minimum appraisal value of paintings and sculpture to be considered for Fine Art Liquidation is $1,000 dollars. The minimum appraisal value for prints to be considered is $200 dollars.

Sale Commission:
Fine Art Liquidation will receive 25% of the retail price upon the sale of artwork as a commission.

Rejection Period:
FineArtLiquidation can return artwork to the Consignor within 10 business days of delivery at the expense of FineArtLiquidation.

Dispute Resolution:
In the event of a dispute between FineArtLiquidation and a Consignor it is agreed that the laws of Colorado shall govern. In addition, FineArtLiquidation and the Consignor shall bear their own legal costs of dispute resolution.

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